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The band is known for playing a unique mix of cross generational covers from the 60's through the 2k's with Indi Rock originals blended in! Featuring both male and female lead vocals and a classic 3 piece band including drums, bass and guitar with sax and flute accompanying.

For booking or more information contact us at You can listen to live club performances on our YouTube Channel. Just click the YT icon below!

Previous events

Sessionflo's Play Reverie Brewing

Reverie Brewing Co, 57B Church Hill Road, Newtown

5 piece band with Sax/flute plays classic covers and Indi Originals. Great takes on Van Morrison, Jethro Tull and Janis Joplin to Radiohead and Nirvana to Amy Winehouse and Paul Simon and everything in between. Some fantastic Brian Matzke originals mixed in!



Note Kitchen & Bar, Bethel, CT

Sessionflo at the Note Kitchen and Bar! Great mix of original music and classic covers including songs by artists ranging from Amy Winehouse to Radiohead and everything in between.


Sessionflo Plays Redding Roadhouse

The Redding Roadhouse, 406 Redding Road, Redding

4 piece acoustic setup over dinner and then cocktails chilling by the famous Roadhouse fire! Sessionflo plays a mix of originals and a unique selection of covers from artists ranging from Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Ed Sheerhan to The Who and Janis Joplin.


Sessionflo Acoustic "Slow Takes"

Note Kitchen & Bar, Bethel, CT

Acoustic Slow Take Brunch with Brian and Brooke from Sessionflo... unique mix and arrangements of original's and classic covers. We will be doing it all... Nirvana to The Who to Janis Joplin! PLUS our acoustic take originals.



Note Kitchen & Bar, Bethel, CT

Great line up in the works for this show that will include some originals along with some great covers. Great mix from artists ranging from Jewel and Traci Chapman to Radiohead and The Who. Get your shopping done early then head over to Note for a cocktail and live music!

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